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Good News from Iraq

As I was surfing through various blogs the other day I stumbled upon a number of blogs originating from Iraq. These people finally have a place to go that they can express their opinions and stories of the marvelous change that is occurring in their country. I have added them in my 'Best Blogs on the Web' section of the links. Please take some time to check them out and comment on their pages. They need all the support they can get as they are helping our country re-build theirs after the many years under Saddam's rule.

Written by: Dan on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 |

A Very Sad Article

Unfortunately rumors of Robby Gordon being dropped by Richard Childress Racing have been proven untrue.

I can honestly say that the racing community would be better off without Robby “Crash” Gordon gracing the speedways of America. In fact it would be better if he were to crash out of every race before it starts. It would save a lot of other teams copious amounts of money and points in the NASCAR standings.

I don’t wish any physical harm to Robby, and thanks to the advances that have been made to ensure the safety of the drivers, none would likely happen if he were to do us all a favor and drive into the wall as soon as he pulled his car onto the track.

Written by: Dan on Thursday, April 15, 2004 |

Ahhh! Public Schools.

In another episode of "I can't believe a government run organization is failing," Public schools are scrambling to meet the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) laws enacted in 2002. This is another attempt by our President to try and fix a broken system that refuses to be fixed.

The schools are scrambling to meet the test score results in order to not get a failing grade. In order to do this, many schools I believe, will drill the exact material that is covered on the test and nothing more. Is this really helping our children? Or is this another attempt at doing just enough to ensure Federal money keeps flowing into the garbage disposal that is Public schools?

The answer is not to keep throwing money at the problem. The real problem is the National Education Association (NEA) and its drive to keep lazy and unqualified teachers on the government payroll. I know this may surprise you, but the NEA's president Reg Weaver is calling for more funding instead of seeking ways to remove inadequate teachers and actually teaching our nation's youth. The NEA needs to stop trying to use our Public Schools as a social engineering experiment to try and teach tolerance of all that is wrong in our society. Get back to teaching our children and leave the raising of our kids to us parents. Ultimately it's up to us to raise our children. The President needs to push for privatization of schooling and let parents choose where they want their tax money spent for education.

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Written by: Dan on Monday, April 12, 2004 |

Close but not enough.

Finally someone telling Ted Kennedy to sit down, shut up and have another drink, even if it was very modestly done. Colin Powell very diplomatically warned Kennedy that he should watch what he is saying while the country is at war.

see article

Unfortunately it hasn't gone far enough. Ted Kennedy needs to be put in his place by every member of the US Senate. His inflammatory remarks do nothing but drag this country down further all to try and gain votes for the Presidential race. He is nothing more than the lap dog of John Kerry. The act of politicizing this war is reprehensible at the least. Our troops deserve better than this while they are fighting in this war. They are doing an awesome job of rebuilding a nation destroyed by greedy leadership, but you never see any of that in the press do you. Instead you get Katie "I'm a communist" Couric saying that the people of Iraq had it better under the "ultimate referee" Saddam Hussein. I just don't understand liberals. They claim to be the more compassionate of us, yet the freeing of millions of Arabs under two different hostile regimes means nothing to them. All it is, is a case of Bush bashing at every possible moment. When will libs understand? I guess when they can see through the hate they have of one man and really open their eyes to the good we are doing in Iraq.

Couric article

Some good news from Iraq

Written by: Dan on Wednesday, April 07, 2004 |

Traitors and cowards

In an article from the nether regions of the world, Denmark I think, the author shows his obvious contempt and ignorance of the US military. The US military is not a Democracy where everyone has a vote in where they are to serve, and when they are needed. Commanders do not stand in front of their companies and take a vote as to what they are going to do. They are given orders and expect their orders to be carried out. The men and women who are fleeing to Canada are traitors and cowards, and as such should be returned to the US in shackles, tried and executed for deserting. There are different ways of getting your point across with out deserting and giving a hand hold for the enemies of the US. Becoming a conscientious objector can get you re-assigned to a non-combative role in the war.

Being a veteran of the first Gulf War I have very strong opinions on the subject of serving your country. I like those mentioned in the article signed up for the promise of assistance in my education, but I went in knowing full well the implications of my decision. During Basic training you are trained to kill your enemy with small arms and hand to hand combat. There is no doubt in what they are training you to do. By then if you don't think you can handle it you should request a discharge and get out. Those that join only for the promise of assistance in their education are joining for the wrong reason. The opportunity to serve your country by defending it from it's enemies is a great honor that isn't to be taken lightly. I think that every person in the US should have mandatory service of some sort. I don't think that everyone should be forced to serve in the military, after all it's not for everyone, but there are countless other capacities to choose from in order to strengthen and benefit our country.

Written by: Dan on Tuesday, April 06, 2004 |

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