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Last week I had the distinct honor of witnessing the graduation of my nephew from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was quite a experience to see all the grads dressed in their formal attire on that hot summer-like day. It made me proud to see him and his classmates accepting the charge to "protect and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic". They were all quite honored by the fact that their commencement speaker was Vice President Dick Cheney. He had quite a speech and considering the crowd it was well received. I heard of only a couple of protestors who had the audacity of putting up signs saying "Weapons of Mass Destruction" with arrows pointing towards where the graduation was being held. Oh well a couple of wackos did nothing to destroy the great feelings of patriotism and pride for all of the young men and women who made the choice to serve bravely for all of us........ even the wackos.

He's up there somewhere?!?! (notice the small dots in the clouds) (yup they're really that small)  Posted by Hello

My nephew parachuting in the day before the graduation Posted by Hello

My Nephew shaking the hand of Veep Posted by Hello

The hats flying as the Thunderbids fly over (notice the shadows)scared the crap out of the entire crowd. They were flying a about a hundred feet over the stadium. Posted by Hello

Part of the Air show by the Thunderbirds Posted by Hello

More of the air show Posted by Hello

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